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MADAMA Golczewo

– ABOUT THE COMPANY – MADAMA  COMPANY​  cooperating  with  an  independant  and  serious  Certification  Body                             ‘’AL-HAQ-HALAL’’ and successfully introducing the Halal Quality Systems in its poultry plant​ has become a Halal reference brand in Poland.  We are a fast growing group of companies in the poultry market with the strategic goal  to produce and deliver to the market high quality chicken meat that meets the clients’ expectations and complies with the current standards requirements. Our strongest advantage is the full integration of production, starting from poultry incubation, through production of fodder, broiler breeding and breeding herd, broiler …

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Advancement through Experience

Trading  &  Service  Company   ”AL-HAQ-HALAL”  was set up with the idea of intermediate trade on the international market as bridge between corporations in demanding markets. Its vocation is to provide control over slaughterhouses and meat processing plants as well as the certification of products that are to be consumed by Muslim community. ”AL-HAQ-HALAL’ s core business is the halal production of chilled and frozen meat and its distribution in Poland and abroad. Our goal is to meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality products and creating an environment supporting lasting partnerships.

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Islamic Slaughter & Control

A Halal Certificate ”AL-HAQ-HALAL” is valid only for specific goods that have been produced under the control with specific date. It must contain information such as the number and kind of packages and the total weight. It provides the guarantee that the product undoubtedly comes from ritual slaughter. The certification process is strict if it is based on the following principles: – selection of an animal, – skills of the ritual slaughterer, – strict and rigorous control, – the possibility of tracking halal products. Inspectors must perform their duties at all stages of                      production. Nothing can be done without their presence. …

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Requirements & Specifications

’’AL-HAQ-HALAL’’ established a Halal Rules Charter of Hygiene and Quality which fulfils basic rules of Islam, Polish law and international regulations. The ’’AL-HAQ-HALAL’’ Rules Charter of Hygiene and Quality contains a description and obligation to follow the halal products control procedure in order for Muslims to be sure that the products they consume meet the principles of their religion. >> REQUIREMENTS & SPECIFICATIONS <<  IN CONFORMITY WITH THE HALAL RULES CHARTER OF HYGIENE & QUALITY ’’AL-HAQ-HALAL’’

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