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The control in a cattle slaughterhouse

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 The control in a poultry slaughterhouse

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Half-Carcasses Beef

The Company ” AL-HAQ-HALAL ” Poland cooperates with the most modern plants that deal with slaughtering cattle. We sell half-carcasses beef, which, at the customer’s request, are stripped and vacuum-packed.  Every day, over 50 employees take care of the excellent quality of our products, and our decade of experience guarantee you satisfaction with the services we provide. In order to satisfy our clients, the cooperating companies purchased modern box of contention for slaughtering cattle that meet all the requirements related to ritual slaughtering and the welfare of slaughter animals, which is confirmed by the obtained Halal Certificates. WE WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO CONTACT! Preferably by e-mail: – ”AL-HAQ-HALAL” …

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MADAMA Golczewo Sp. z o.o.

– ABOUT THE COMPANY – MADAMA COMPANY​ cooperating with an independant and serious Certification Body ‘’AL-HAQ-HALAL’’ and successfully introducing the Halal Quality Systems in its poultry plant​ has become a Halal reference brand in Poland.  We are a fast growing group of companies in the poultry market with the strategic goal  to produce and deliver to the market high quality chicken meat that meets the clients’ expectations and complies with the current standards requirements. Our strongest advantage is the full integration of production, starting from poultry incubation, through production of fodder, broiler breeding and breeding herd, broiler slaughter, their cutting and processing up to distribution.   •  New slaughterhouse opened in …

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