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Poultry slaughterhouse

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The control process in a poultry slaughterhouse

The ritual slaughter control process is regulated by the halal hygiene and quality rules charter introduced by ”Al-Haq-Halal”.

There are the following control phases :

– the whole poultry intended for slaughter is hanged by feet upside down on a moveable chain and is taken to  the place of bleeding;

– legal meat consumption involves the consumption of meat from ritual slaughter performed by a mentally healthy, practising Muslim;

– the slaughterer must call God Almighty for each bird, according to the following pattern :

   “Bismillah, Allah Akbar” – In the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest;

– ritual slaughter must be performed manually by entitled ritual slaughterers. Section of the larynx with a very  sharp knife on carotid arteries, jugular veins, trachea and gullet, without touching the spine;

– checking the sharpness of knives used exclusively for ritual slaughter;

– permission for the initiation of ritual slaughter is the exclusive responsibility of ”Al-Haq-Halal” ritual controller;

– the ritual controller is always present in front of the first slaughterer in order to check that every bird is alive before the initiation of ritual slaughter. Sometimes birds die before the slaughter. The ritual controller stands right behind the point of bleeding in order to ensure that all birds are really alive, and he removes dead poultry from the channel;

– checking the quality of ritual slaughter (the correctness of the section of organs). The first control involves simply checking of the correctness of bleeding after each plucking of poultry;

– identification of every transport of poultry intended for cutting and packing in whole. Birds are placed on carts and are marked with ”Al-Haq-Halal’s certification materials (tapes, labels).

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