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“AL-HAQ-HALAL” has been applying the “AL-HAQ-HALAL” Hygiene & Quality Principles from the beginning of its activity and has taken responsibility for its implementation in the field of food and cosmetics. The Charter encourages business entities to pursue a policy of respect for Muslim consumers and animal well-being.

According to the regulations, exported products, and those from companies cooperating with us, must be certified by “AL-HAQ-HALAL”.

“AL-HAQ-HALAL” established a Halal Rules Charter of Hygiene & Quality which fulfils basic rules of Islam, Polish law and international regulations.

Meat processing plants willing to slaughter and produce products meeting Halal Rules are obliged to:

– observe the rules provided for in “AL-HAQ-HALAL’s Charter;
– inform customers of the conditions of halal production meeting the requirements specified in the
   “AL-HAQ-HALAL’s Charter;
– inform and train their employees on the conditions stipulated in this Charter;
– ensure the best conditions for inspection, identification and certification for “AL-HAQ-HALAL” inspectors.

Halal Certification and Legalization of Commercial and Export Trade Documents

Choosing Halal certification is often dictated by the partner, because not all certification body enjoy the same reputation. Dozens of the world’s work certifying bodys, but only few of them are widely known and recognized. To obtain certification the company must enter the efficiency of the Halal Quality System compliant Halal. The company, which manufactures against not generally applicable standards, may have problems with their sales.

Certificate “AL-HAQ-HALAL” attests that the Halal Quality System existing in the company is in compliance with Halal standards. Recipient entering into an agreement with the supplier does not have to make costly manufacturing process control. You can rely on a certificate recognized by an acceptable and confident certification body.

Halal standard introduces a monitoring obligation, thereby increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

Halal standard requires company executives obligation to provide adequate resources, including training, access to information and means of external and internal communication.

“AL-HAQ-HALAL” has legalized all official documents at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to use them in legal transactions abroad. Legalized at the Foreign Ministry document can be submitted to the competent authorities, public administrations and other state only after additional verification of the diplomatic or consular office of a state accredited in Poland.

If a foreign partner requires the legalization of commercial document and export, the first step in the process of authentication is the legalization of documents “AL-HAQ-HALAL” by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Poznan. First of all, there are commercial documents, transport documents, certificates issued by the Veterinary Offices, Sanitary Offices, Commercial Inspection, Halal Certificates Inspection and Certificates issued by authorized units of state administration.

“AL-HAQ-HALAL” is registered in the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Poznan as an Exporter and present the following documents :

•  Document confirming the registration of the bodies conducting business (CEIDG)
•  Certificate of assigning a statistical identification number (REGON)
•  The decision to grant a tax identification number (NIP)

Commercial Cooperation – Export Trade

Company ”AL-HAQ-HALAL” was set up  with the idea of intermediate trade on the international market as bridge between corporations in demanding markets.

Our goal is to meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality products and creating an environment supporting lasting partnerships. Our products meet the expectations of customers in many European countries.

Since 2018 our company has permission to Export and we are actively using it. Companies from European Union countries are our main receivers. The proof of our products quality is clients satisfaction. Export products are supervised by Veterinary Inspectorate, State Sanitary Inspectorate and Control Department  ”AL-HAQ-HALAL”it gives us certainty that meat quality is the best.

  • We make every effort to ensure that our products are 100% safe.
  • We are able to trace the origin of each batch of meat produced (traceability).
  • We customize the packaging to the customer’s needs.
  • We are able to sign long‑term contracts.
  • We guarantee a stable price.



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