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Legal references

  >> Council Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009 of 24 September 2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing <<

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Trybunału Konstytucyjnego

 >>Ritual Slaughter – Case Law of the Constitutional Court <<


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pdf

>> Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam,Aug. 5, 1990 <<

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Poland legislation

Legal aspects of ritual slaughter in Poland The legal aspects of ritual slaughter include the regulation of slaughterhouses, butchers, and religious personnel involved with traditional shechita (Jewish) and dhabiha (Islamic). Regulations also may extend to butchery products sold in accordance with kashrut and halal religious law. Governments regulate ritual slaughter, primarily through legislation and administrative law. In addition, compliance with oversight of ritual slaughter is monitored by governmental agencies and, on occasion, contested in litigation. According to Jewish law and to Muslim law, “slaughter is carried out with a single cut to the throat, rather than the more widespread method of stunning with a bolt into the head before slaughter.” …

European legislation

Ritual slaughter – Legal aspects, European regulations    The EU regulation on ritual slaughter imposes on the EU Member States an obligation of stunning  animals before slaughter in order to shorten their suffering if no other effective incapacitating tool is used. In industrial poultry slaughterhouses, so far there has been no effective way of protecting the poultry hanged on a slaughter line against injury, due to the exceptional activity of birds, or protecting ritual slaughterers against possible body injury. Electronarcosis required under the EU regulation is obligatory in the form of electrified water bath before the poultry is killed. Ritual slaughter is permitted under the new regulation provided that a …